We work with FORWARD THINKING investors

Founder's Message

We measure our success by looking into the future and carving out new niches within the markets that we serve. The UAE envisions a progressive nation providing a strong platform to nurture and develop thriving businesses. Having this vision in mind, EBG was created to harness opportunities and strive towards fulfilling the national agenda.

We have established businesses that support development and growth of emerging industries in the country. In our early years, we saw ourselves making forays into real estate, industry and agriculture sectors, which were crucial to the nation’s development. Our aim is to achieve better business and innovation through strategic investments and by supporting emerging sectors.

We now stand as one of the leading national conglomerates with more than 10,000 employees working for us. We have made tremendous progress since our inception and we owe it to all key contributors, right from our suppliers, customers, business partners, investors and last but not the least, our great staff.

We look forward to many more decades of success with our team by our side.

Vision & Mission

After years of success in various business activities, EBG is now self-assured to take its business model and partnership to a whole new level. EBG is set out to position itself as a facilitator for innovative opportunities to attract potential partners that offer a unique value proposition for our customers. With this new strategic direction, EBG seeks to achieve an exclusive niche in the markets it serves.



As the business environment has become increasingly complex thanks to globalisation and the openness of the local market to various ventures, it has become more evident that business sustainability relies partially on well-developed partnerships where values are shared and mutually beneficial relationships are shaped.

Our value proposition lies with the fact that:

  • We offer years of experience in setting up and managing strong companies and teams across diverse industries
  • We base our relations on mutual trust and collaboration
  • We have no competing interests within the group
  • We perceive value creation through combined resources and capabilities
  • We believe in shared control over the course of the partnership evolution
  • We leverage our extensive networks of partners in both public and private sectors within the local, regional and international markets
  • We exercise transparency and ownership in all our business dealings and transactions